Sunday, March 20, 2011


We saw new faces, new dancers, new moves by Shelly K. and an overall new energy brought to the floor last night at the Stoughton VFW!
We want to thank everyone who could make it out last night.  It was fun to play for a crowd that looked like they really enjoyed themselves. 

Some of the highlights of the evening were dancing to Ring of Fire!  Way to go NKE followers and OMS newbie!  My mother galloping across the dance floor with Shelly K. and I was able to dance the last song with my dad!  We almost witnessed a "wheelie chair" ride until the stink eye came out.  Light up hats, bling and bedazzling lit up the floor, people were out to party!!

Our next gig is April 23rd at the Stoughton VFW from 7-10:30pm...hope you can make it out!
Continued thanks for your kind words and support in our journey.

Until next time,
Back 40