Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is not 1 and done!

Hey good news!
We have another job for friends and family to come to!  We are happy to announce that the Stoughton VFW wants us to come play a gig on Saturday, December 18th.  We have not settled on a time yet but we will let you know. 
It will be another great night of dancing, sharing time with friends and family and above all getting out for the evening!

 More details to come!  Thanks for visiting the blog.

Back 40


  1. Oh I do love the VFW...nice big dance floor. It is on the calendar!

  2. I want to go, but grandpa invited our family to Christmas before the Back 40 got its 2nd gig! Will be missing it!!! It won't be the same w/out Snuffy and your #! fan.